George Mougolias Memorial Foundation

GMMT 2023 Memorial Tournament
April 20-23, 2023

Keeping his Spirit Alive...

George Mougolias was born on March 2, 1978. His dear life came to an abrupt end in a car accident five days after celebrating his nineteenth birthday.

That day left a permanent mark on all those that knew and loved George. Although his short life was not fulfilled as he had wished, he left us with nothing but the fondest memories. George's upbringing was greatly influenced through the years he attended Socrates Greek - American Grammar School at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. It was at Holy Trinity where he began his practical jokes and revealed his athletic abilities at an early age.

George graduated from Maine South High School where he persistently uncovered his capability and discipline in the basketball realm. He joined the varsity team as a freshman and remained on the team all four years. It was apparent that George was a skilled basketball player, with his talents reaching far beyond the bounds of the court. Even though basketball was an important part of George's life, he wasn't only an athlete. He was a beloved son, a supportive brother and cousin, and a caring friend.

He touched the lives of all those whom he knew in ways which are impossible to capture in these few words. It is easy to remember all the ways George could put a smile on someone's face... be it by his witty humor, his genuine smile or a dance. He was a beautiful person both inside and out. He gave each one of us something personal and special we will always carry with us. Because what he gave us is so vibrant within us, it seems strange to say that George "was" when we all know George "is" and will forever be in our thoughts and our actions.


2023 GMMT Brackets

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Scholarship Winners

Anastasia Andrianopoulos
Panayiotis S. Malamis
William Max Kouvelis
Andrew Koutsogiannis
Elena Papanicolaou
Stavroula Konstantopoulos
Panagiota Toliopoulos

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